You’re making the claim. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. You have not received “way too many questions” unless you don’t know your system.

Please start with the first response and only bother with the responses that are directly to your first post. Go through and answer the questions.

Why am I being such a prick about this? First, because I’m great at being a prick. (I really am! Ask Rico or abcdjkl or anyone I’ve offended. You should be able to find at least 12 people that I’ve offended in the past 2-3 months.) Second, and more importantly, because there is one trait EVERY MLM shares, and I mean EVERY one. Repeat: EVERY one shares this trait.

EVERY MLM teaches their members not to answer the tough questions and not to answer questions they cannot support with facts.

This is a forum for people that are hurt by MLMs. We admit, from the start, that if you’re pro-MLM, the cards are stacked against you. Not fair? Quite fair, compared to what MLMs have done to so many people and how they’ve damaged and destroyed lives and relationships.

So if someone comes in and says, “This MLM works,” we need to see proof. Not claims without proof, but proof.