I did put out a challenge for any MLMer who wants to PROVE that his/her MLM works as advertised. I have promised to review profit/loss statements and other documentation, verified by a 3rd party (such as a CPA) with an open mind.

I have had only one taker in the nearly four years that the challenge has been standing. That MLMer’s documentation was not sufficient to prove anything, one way or the other, since he had only been involved in his MLM for about 6 months. He had profit and loss statements, but no tax documentation or evidence of write-offs or profit.

My challenge still stands, though after all this time and with all the opportunity MLM folks have had to answer the challenge, no one has stepped forward with adequate proof that ANY MLM actually works. (I am of the understanding that there are people who monitor these boards for A/Q and other MLMs. Surely, there is SOMEONE who can prove that s/he makes a decent income from MLM without a money-losing downline involved.

Then again…

But I do not have any “MLM viability test.” It’s a good idea, though.