There are just way too many questions generated from my introductory note for me to reasonably answer. I can’t even offer any proof it works. I’m personally only making about $300 per month from the business (not counting the tax breaks). But I’ll offer that I made no money with Kanosis; in fact I lost almost 12 hundred dollars, because I signed up prelaunch and I was paying monthly with my credit card. I also lost money on Free store club and never made a dime. I didn’t even sell a product!!

And the story is similar for all the one’s I’ve been in. Until now. So far, with my current business, I’ve marketed a lot of product, and I’ve made $2500 in payouts from the compensation plan.
In addition, I’ve made approximately $2000 in retail from products sold.

However, I understand that debating is not acceptible here, and it was not my intention to start a debate. I honestly didn’t think I was going to get such strong reactions to my statement, this being the first time I’d come across a forum like this and all.

But I love that this can be so educational for me.

Thanks to all who responded.