The $300 is the check I receive from the compansation

I spend about $200 per month including shipping, (for product at distributor cost). My montly income includes both that check and the amount I make in retail from sale of product. So far this month I’ve made approximately $200 in retail and I still have products I can sell to make more. So I’m already up to $500 and I expect to make more by the end of July.

Again I say Wow!

Your questions are tough ones. And while I know that you’ll probably ban me from the forum for this statement, I don’t see how I can possibly answer all of them. My life is bound by time….In addition to my network marketing business and my personal life, I still have 9 to 5 job. I simply don’t have time to respond to everything. May be you can give me your five most pressing questions and I’ll take that on. (That means 5 from the entire forum, not five from each of you).

I do have an alternate take on some of the assumptions in your note.

Our company, Market America doesn’t teach that. And the questions you guys have asked me, almost never come up. If someone asks me how much I’m making I can simply tell them, and at most, show them my latest check or a copy of it. In a couple of cases, I’ve taken people to my backend management system and showed them the number of checks I’ve received, along with the dates they were earned. This backend system is the same system the company draws from to provide me a 1099 at the end of the year for submission with my federal and state tax return.

I am mindful that if I have the objective of recruiting someone, providing all the proof is not necessarily the most effective method and in most cases does not produce the intended result. That means answering those questions would be a waste of time. (And at my age, I’ve learned to value my time.) So for that reason, I may avoid answering certain questions. But this is not because of company training.